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For an absolute sound experience and timeless musical fidelity. A fantastic sound experiernce in any envieronment.

Yobybo X-Boat pro

Listening to music is one step ahead
Semi-in-ear ANC active noise reduction
Aluminum alloy body and AG glass process


Yobybo X-Boat

The winner of the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022 !

PET colorful glass craft,Boldly try new colors.

The ultimate audio quality never seen in other earbuds.


Yobybo SUGAR20

Built-in rotating shaft with

patentOrganic glass back plate

High resolution sound quality


Yobybo Card20 pro

The world's thinnest
Extremely light
Precision aluminum alloy process


Yobybo Note20

Freely adjust comfort
Push window removal
Wireless charging


About Us

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Design and innovation

Novative design is one of YOBYBO's genes."Designing decent and practical products that come from life."If you compare with other products of the same type, you will find that YOBYBO's design is always trying to be clever, reasonable and practical.


We have never been stingy in experimenting with materials and craftsmanship.About 5% of TWS headsets use metal materials, while less than 0.5% of TWS headset manufacturers use CNC technology to process their products. YOBYBO happens to be within this range and is doing its best. The use of metal materials not only makes the product firm and reliable, but also makes the visual effect and texture of the product reach a new height.


We will fully evaluate the size of the front and rear cavities of the headset, the best options for speakers, and the possibility of the best sound quality. Only when the sound quality is guaranteed, we begin to develop and produce. In order to ensure the level of sound quality, we use Qualcomm and other chips that support high-definition sound quality output.

Chase Adventure

We will continue to develop creative and cool innovative products, and strive to achieve this mission.Make choices for customers, instead of producing many mediocre products that make customers unable to choose.

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