X-Boat™HD Sound Quality, Flagship Genuine Earbuds
X-Boat™HD Sound Quality, Flagship Genuine Earbuds

X-Boat™HD Sound Quality, Flagship Genuine Earbuds

  • The winner of the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022 !

  • PET colorful glass craft,Boldly try new colors.
  • The ultimate audio quality never seen in other earbuds.
  • Unique  Open-Casing Design :you can wear earphones with ease in any busy-hand environment and the earbuds status at a glance.
  • Up to 23 hours of battery life, up to 4 hours for listening to music
  • Light weight, the earbud at one side only weighs 3.94 grams.
  • Bluetooth 5.1.

Difference between X-Boat and X-Boat Pro

The X-Boat charging case is no longer made of metal. At the same time,  the chipset is replaced with JL6973D4,  so  that  the  earbuds can run well and stably and play a better sound quality experience. The AG glass on the back of the charging case is replaced with PET colorful glass craft. Save costs without losing the original gorgeous design. The big difference is that X-Boat no longer supports LDAC and ANC functions.


The unique take-out method reduces the traditional action of opening the cover to take out the earbuds.
The earbuds can be quickly opened and taken out with one hand. The semi-in-ear design, featherweight for comfort. The weight of a single earbud is 3.94g,and the weight of the charging case is 29.33g.

Polymer Materials 13mm horn

High-fidelity tuned sound quality with clear highs and deep bass. As if the band is playing in your ear, the delicate sound quality is displayed.

Bluetooth 5.1 version with high-speed connection. 

Connect your earbuds using Bluetooth 5.1 and you can connect your phone to your earbuds the moment you leave the charging case. Charge your  earbuds super fast with Type-C.

23 hours battery endurance

While playing music, the longest working time is 23 hours, and it supports to play continuously up to 600 songs. The earbuds battery is 35mAH. And the charging case battery is 300mAh, which supports to charging the earbuds for 4 times. No matter where and when, music will keep you company and no need to worry about running out of the battery.

More color choices

X-Boat has developed a total of four colors to choose from, each with a unique meaning waiting for you to explore.

About X-Boat

The X-Boat and X-Boat Pro belong to the same series of 2022 IF Design Award products. In order to provide customers with affordable price to buy their favorite earplugs, we specially developed X-Boat to give feedback to consumers. Click below to find out how is the X-Boat Pro different?

X-Boat pro


What's in the box

Charging Compartment × 1
Type-C line ×1
Manual ×1

Tech specs

Bluetooth version:5.1
Distance;≥10m Codec Technology:LDAC/ACC/SBC
Charging Time:The earbuds is about 1 hour, and the charging compartment is about 2 hours Battery Capacity:Earbuds 35 mAh charging compartment 600 mAh

Delivery time

We work Monday through Saturday and pack your items for delivery within 24 hours. However, due to special reasons in some countries, we need to transship, so some countries need to wait for about 72 hours for the tracking number.

After-sales policy

X-Boat enjoys a unified after-sales policy with the brand. For details, please click here. Or consult online customer service.