The original intention of the CARD series designer

The unique hollow design not only allows you to see the state of the headset, but also makes the thickness of the body only 12 mm, which is currently the thinnest among TWS headsets in the world..
When the pocket is full of mobile phones, wallets and keys, this product is like a thin "card", occupying at least pocket space and being easy to carry.
The all-aluminum alloy shell is wrapped and endowed with CNC processing, which is also a metal "business card", showing the exquisite life and the pursuit of quality. The metal shaft is built in, the upper and lower covers are completely connected, and the pure line is divided, and the line beauty has no breakpoints.
The flat earphones are worn into the ears without any tenderness, and can be worn easily and freely.
Insight: In the industry period, products occupy the highest point of the thinnest mind, and brand positioning is naturally formed.